COCOON Members

COCOON Members meeting

"Children of Cross Over Other Nations" or COCOON (コクーン) for short. Simply put, COCOON members help run the world now. Each member is more powerful than their entire nation's military.

As the top leaders of BABEL, they strive for the ideal of world peace and supervise and educate children who've returned from other worlds. Partly to prevent their special abilities from being misused, and partly so that BABEL can intervene and send these children to the battlefield should any wars or regional conflicts break out. -As quoted by Kuzuha Doumoto in Episode 4.

Their headquarters is in the United Kingdom[1].

Known Countries With COCOON Branches


World Map showing countries with COCOON branches

  • Japan
  • United States
  • European Union
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • Oceania Federation

Known Members

COCOON has 11 members, 7 of them being the leaders of BABEL schools. All COCOON members adopt an alias to protect their real identity, not even fellow COCOON members knows each other's real name.

  • Michael Arkwood - COCOON's top, with the ability to dominate the world's population
  • Retia Crisis - Secretary-General of the United Nations and COCOON's No.2
  • Claudio Farris - A doctor with glasses, who is the top 4th of COCOON
  • Jude Ortiz - The top 6th, who is in charge of USA BABEL
  • Kyouya Hikami - He is in charge of JPN BABEL
  • Wang Feilong - He is in charge of CHN BABEL[2]
  • Chris Tempest - COCOON's No.9, the youngest member of COCOON


COCOON's ultimate goal, called "Y Plan", is to bring complete order to the world, and liberate all of humanity from every kind of suffering by creating a new paradise. To this end, COCOON wants to call down a "superior dimensional lifeform", a living entity which transcends the law of causality and is able to freely manipulate all events and phenomenon, and place it under their control. To accomplish this, they need to make Earth into a "suitable" place, using the towers of BABEL to control and change the energy flowing through the planet, and have constructed a device situated under their HQ to stabilize the power of the being.[3]

According to Kyouya, at the current rate, it may take years for the Plan to be put into action.



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