Cecil Endheart
Official Title Right hand Woman of Scarlet Dusk (former)
Leader of Scarlet Dusk (current)
Character Information
Gender Female
Age n/a
Weapon Unknown
Birthplace Earth
Family Unknown
First Debut
Manga None
Anime None
English None
Japanese None

Cecil Endheart is the right hand woman of Gouki since the formation of Scarlet Dusk. Acting as his aide, bodyguard, and enforcer before eventually being given the leadership of the terrorist group.


Cecil is a tall, beautiful woman with long blue hair that is tie up and wear a red business suite. Cecil appears to have a rather large chest.


Cecil has absolute confidence in everything about herself: skills, looks, mental capacity, intuition, superiority over nearly all men (with maybe the exception of Gouki), but no outward display of arrogance. She does what she pleases and sometimes would even prioritize personal goals/pleasure over minor goals of the organization and will acknowledge her followers doing the same (for example, she appears to really only judge people on their individual merit), but on the other hand when push comes to shove, she won't be clouded by emotions either. She seems to care for her followers in general, and has a firm understanding of their abilities as well as personalities, and thus has gained loyalty from her followers in return as well.


Not much is known about Cecil's past, except that she was obligatorily summoned to a unknown world, and returned with new powers and skills. Cecil joined Gouki's Scarlet Dusk when it first rose.


Powers and Abilities

Not much is known about Cecil, but she is considered as one of the world's strongest along with Gouki. Similar to him, she can just use her thoughts alone to cause weaker people to submit to her will by mind control.

Weapons & Equipment

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