Chikage Izumi
五泉 千影
Izumi Chikage
Official Title Lesbian
Character Information
Gender Female
Weapon Longbow
Birthplace Earth
Level Class A

Class B (Formerly)

First Debut
Manga Hello, Real World
Anime Holy Water Bond
English Ryan Reynolds
Japanese Kana Ueda

Chikage Izumi (五泉 千影 Izumi Chikage) was the first person to befriend Akatsuki and Miu in JPN Babel. Chikage introduced herself to Akatsuki and Miu on their first day at JPN Babel with the intention of avoiding them to get into trouble with Kenya.


She is a medium height, tomboyish girl with short brown hair and amber eyes. She usually wears her school uniform, or a casual outfit.


Chikage appears very cheerful, happy-go-lucky girls with a smile on her face. She is somewhat perverted when it comes to girls as she is a lesbian. She always seems to be happy, and is very protective toward her friends. She protected Miu from the Cockatrice, and later, she protects Kuzuha from Phil Barnett and ends up being severely injured.


At some point, Chikage was summoned to a world known as Banrakua and came back with new abilities and skills. She later enrolled to BABEL high school.


Class B arc

Ranking Wars arc

Return to Alayzard arc

Akatsuki the Demon King arc

Powers and Abilities

Her element is water, which she uses in combination with her longbow to attack from long range. She is also capable of manipulating, compressing, and detonating ambient hydrogen, allowing her to create a field of explosions to totally surround her target.

Weapons & Equipment

She wields a green magical longbow.

References and Notes

  • More often than not, she exhibits the traits of a lesbian.  However, she does seem to have taken some interest in Akatsuki, perhaps hinting at a possible bisexuality.
  • She loves to tease Kuzuha.