Official Title Kensei
Character Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown, possibly immortal
Weapon Fists
Birthplace Divine World
First Debut
Anime None

Granseiz is a resident of the Divine World and the teacher/master of Akatsuki Ousawa during his training to stop the Demon King, Galious, and his army. He is considered to be the strongest perverted old man.


Beyond being an old man, not much is known about Granseiz's appearance.


He is said to be a huge pervert, perhaps even more perverted than Akatsuki. He is also hailed as the Kensei (lit. Saint of Fists).


At some point during his sojourn in Alayzard, Akastuki came to the Divine World where the Gods dwell, seeking training to stop the war in Alayzard. Akatsuki met Granseiz, and Granseiz agreed to train him and teach him the strongest marital art, Renkankei-kikou, and some of his perverted techniques.

Powers and Abilities

  • Renkankei-kikou – Granseiz is the master and user of the ultimate marital art, known as Renkankei-kikou. It controls the Chi [Energy Flow] of his and other people's bodies as well as the area around him. With this, he is able to give himself inhuman strength and apply pressure to, and control people's internal organs or functions such as bladders. Renkankei-kikou is able to withstand attacks and create non-magic, magic-like attacks. The full nature of this power has yet to been revealed. With this marital art, Granseiz was considered the strongest perverted old man.

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