Kaidou Motoharu
海堂 元春
Motoharu Kaidō
Alias(es) Eternal Clown of Class A
Character Information
Gender Male
Birthplace Earth
Level Class A
First Debut
Manga Chapter 5
Anime The Hero's Back
English Joel McDonald
Japanese Atsushi Abe

Kaidou Motoharu (海堂 元春 Motoharu Kaidō), is a student at BABEL and Akatsuki's self-proclaimed best friend.


Kaidou, who states that despite his appearance, he is poor. Kaidou is also a member of Class A. He presents a different way of hand shaking with Akatsuki Ousawa, where he substitutes a punch as a "handshake," which Akatsuki easily catches, and a duel ensues, of which Akatsuki wins. Later, Kaidou works on the staff of a peculiar event, the "catch-up swimsuit on the beach," he is fast, and appears to use the same fighting style as Akatsuki. He is known to be clumsy and has the reputation of "the eternal clown of class A." Kaidou is cheerful, but he also has a mysterious side.


Class B arc

Ranking War arc

Return to Alayzard arc

Akatsuki the Demon Lord arc


Kaidou is a young man with blond hair, brown eyes, and is almost always seen with a cheerful expression. He usually wears the BABEL uniform with a green T-shirt. While on the beach, he was seen wearing shirt and shorts.

Powers and Abilities

Although the full extent of his power is still unknown, Kaidou is seen using his magic to control golden, lightning-like chains to restrain the Celestial Dragon-form of Phil, Zahark (who is impervious to magic), while Akatsuki delivered the final killing blow (as explained in Episode 12).

Weapons & Equipment

References and Notes

  • Toward the end of Episode 12, Kaidou is hinted to be a member of the Scarlet Dusk after receiving a phone call from a mysterious person, whom he refers to as "Boss," who instructs him to continue to observe Akatsuki. Before he hung up the phone, Kaidou says "I'll see you at some dusk in the distant future..."