Kyouya Hikami
氷神 京也
Hikami Kyōya
Official Title President of Student Council
Character Information
Gender Male
Weapon N/A
Birthplace Earth
First Debut
Manga Chapter 3
Anime New Game Plus
English Jerry Jewell
Japanese Takahiro Sakurai

Kyouya Hikami (氷神 京也 Hikami Kyōya), is the Student Council's President and a member of the COCOON.


Kyouya Hikami is quiet and mysterious. At first, he seemed very interested in Akatsuki, so much so that he wanted to personally test him. Akatsuki was expected for a fight against him, but he proposed a challenge in which, if Akatsuki could break his pillar of ice, they would fight. He cracked the ice, and with a touch, Kyouya breaks the ice, and every time they meet, Akatsuki calls him for a fight, until he decided to fight one day in the BABEL Ranking Tournament, but only after Akatsuki would fight the other Student Council members. However, the upcoming event was interrupted unexpectedly by Phil Barnett. Therefore, Kyouya decided not to fight Akatsuki after all during the incident.


He is usually seen wearing a BABEL school uniform, and is a young man with silver hair and icy blue eyes, with a pale complexion. He typically displays a cold personality, and is quite thoughtful. He never laughs or shows any sort of personality change except for grinning in a cruel and mischievous manner or scowling a bit, when he froze Tanaka while fighting with Akatsuki.

Powers & Abilities

Kyouya's element is ice, but the true extent has yet to be seen.

Weapons & Equipment

Kyouya's weapon has not been seen yet, and it's unknown if he even wields one.