Michael Arkwood
Ākuuddo Mihaeru
Character Information
Gender Male
Weapon Unknown
Birthplace Earth
Family Gouki Ousawa (Father)
Akatsuki Ousawa (Younger brother)
First Debut
Manga None
Anime The Hero's Back
English Josh Grelle
Japanese None

Michael Arkwood (ミハエル・アークウッド Mihaeru Ākuuddo), real name Sakuya Ousawa (Ōsawa Sakuya), is the chairman of the new United Nations, the strongest member and leader of COCOON, and Akatsuki Ousawa's hated older brother.


He has blond hair and golden eyes, however it is not his original appearance. Usually sports a grey business suit and a purple tie.


Before being transported into an alternate world, he was a joyful young man. After his return, he became cold and ruthless.


When transported to an alternate world, Sakuya went through some life altering traumas, which shattered his bright personality and turned him into a much colder person. He also suffered physical alterations as well - not only he got blond hair and golden eyes but he had been turned into a vampire.

Upon his return, he became distant, even after graduating from BABEL (students aren't easily allowed to make contact with their "normal" family members), he focused all his time on COCOON. That was when Miu fell ill with an unknown disease. Akatsuki tried many times to contact Gouki and Sakuya at BABEL (he didn't know that Gouki had already left and formed Scarlet Dusk at that time) with no success, until one day, as Miu was getting really sick, Sakuya, now "Michael" (all COCOON members adopt an alias to protect their real identity), appeared at the hospital to meet Akatsuki to tell him a plan he had formulated to save Miu.

Basically, Sakuya had originally worked hard to climb the ranks of COCOON, hoping to use his power to bring in Miu and use COCOON's technology (not open to the rest of the world) to save her, but his plan didn't go smoothly because at that time he didn't have enough influence to bend the rules of allowing normal humans into COCOON. So his final last ditch plan was to use his vampiric powers to turn Miu into his vampire minion, thus bringing her into COCOON as his minion, and having access to all the medical technology to help her. The problem was that he would also need to wipe out her memories in the process. Akatsuki was strongly against this plan, and the two got into a fight. Finally, Miu, wanting to stop the two from fighting over her, committed suicide by jumping off the hospital roof in front of them.

The story didn't stop there, several days later, Miu's body disappeared, and the brothers found out it was Gouki who came and claimed the body. Since then, Akatsuki has resented both his father and his brother for letting his sister die for their ideals.


Powers and Abilities

The strongest member of COCOON, it is known that Michael at least has vampiric powers.

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