Ryouhei Uesaki
上崎 遼平
Uesaki Ryōhei
Official Title Secretary of Student Council
Character Information
Gender Male
Weapon Seiryuto
Birthplace Earth
First Debut
Anime Holy Water Bond
English Dallas Reid
Japanese Satoshi Hino

Ryouhei Uesaki (上崎 遼平 Uesaki Ryōhei) is the Secretary of the Student Council.


Ryouhei possesses a traditional Asian personality of being humble and reserved. He can also be described as friendly, calm, and loyal. He is always accompanied by the other members of the council, Haruka Nanase and Minami Aihara, which helps when fighting strong foes such as Akatsuki.


Ryouhei has short brown hair, slanted fox eyes, and has an almost constant smile on his face. He is usually seen wearing his BABEL school uniform. 

Powers and Abilities

Ryouhei's element is fire, but thus far, he has only shown the ability to generate fireballs. Like Haruka, Minami, and other members of the council, he can focus his energy into his weapon to heighten it's durability and sharpness. He also knows how to stun people instantly (as shown in Episode 6). 

Weapons & Equipment

Ryouhei uses a Chinese Dao. His Dao in particular is red, with a white dragon design on it. More specifically, based on the designs on the Dao, it is a Seiryuto.

References and Notes