Scarlet Dusk (国際テロ組織「朱の黄昏」Ake no Tasogare) is the name of the world's most famous terrorist organization. Rivaling the new United Nations and Babel in strength, to the point that they are said to be hopeless against them, the group is formed of elite youth alternative world returnees, and currently the only organization capable of competing against the ruler of the world, COCOON.[1]

It is said their goal is to establish a country for alternative world returnees and show their overwhelming might to the world.[1]

Known Members

  • Gouki Ousawa - Akatsuki and Miu's father, and the founder of Scarlet Dusk. He's no longer the leader of the organization after relinquishing his leadership to Cecil Endheart.
  • Cecil Endheart - Gouki's right-hand woman since the formation of Scarlet Dusk. Acted as his aide, bodyguard, and enforcer before being eventually given the leadership of the terrorist group.
  • Motoharu Kaidou - member, student at JPN BABEL. Tasked with observing Akatsuki.
  • Tanaka - another member. Was tasked with destroying BABEL, but failed.
  • Tiana Randohauze
  • Mikagami Memeko



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