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Valkyria 1
Character Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Weapon Spear
Birthplace Alayzard
First Debut
Manga Goodbye, Alayzard
Anime New Game Plus
English Terri Doty
Japanese Yumi Uchiyama

Valkyria (ワルキュリア Warukyuria) is the chief maid, who ordered the maids to seize Akatsuki Ousawa and stop him from returning to Earth.


Valkyria has long, blue hair and blue eyes. She can be seen wearing a maid uniform, and wielding a spear.


Valkyria appears to be quiet and serious, and take Risty's orders seriously, as she went after Akatsuki despite how strong he is. Valkyria proved to be fearless as she fought Akatsuki head on despite all of her maid square defeated by the latter. Despite her serious nature, Valkyria appears to care for her teammates, as two of the girls were scared to face Akastuki, Valkyria told them to leave as she will fight the latter.


Not much is known about Valkyria's past or how she came to serve the royal family.


After the war, Akatsuki was planning on heading back to Earth, but Risty refused to let him go, and ordered Valkyria and her maid square to capture the rogue hero. However, Valkyria's maid square was proven useless against Akatsuki as he easily defeated them and took their bras or panties with ease. Valkyria ordered the others to retreat while she fought Akatsuki alone, asking him to carve her name in his heart to which he agreed and easily defeated Valkyria off screen.

Power and Abilities

Not much is known about Valkyria abilities, but she was shown to be very strong, but weak against Akatsuki.

Weapons & Equipment

Valkyria's main weapon is a spear.

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